HYTEK is a technology entertainment company with a collection of content co-created with partner companies. "HY" in HYTEK comes from the slang word "HYPE", as in to stir up enthusiasm in people, and "TEK" comes from the abbreviation of "TECHNOLOGY", first used by an American music producer in the 1990s. Even when the most advanced technology is off the beaten path to most people, HYTEK will update the concept of "High-Technology" by using creativity and PR advertising skills. Together with our partner companies, we will create contents that overcome language barriers and spread the attraction around the world.

Due to the effects of the new infectious disease, the entertainment industry in Japan and the world is still in a difficult situation. Festivals have to be cancelled, and facilities are unable to accommodate sufficient audiences. Even after the big festivals have passed, our daily lives continue, and entertainment is certainly needed by people. In every era, powerful expressions that illuminate hope, joy, and the future of the world have been born in these kinds of situations.

Even as it is, technological innovations are melting down various boundaries. People watching live performances from home, and artists performing from the other side of the world. Young generations watching great artists revived by AI on their smartphones. Because the world was forced to change, we are witnessing the moment when entertainment culture is being updated by technology, with signs of new expressions and systems.

Technology is evolving anywhere in the world, and there is competition that transcends national borders. In order to act around the world, we need not only to polish our technology, but also to look at the context of the world. The importance of not only making good products, but also saying good things are good and preserving important culture is increasing every day. At the same time, however, it is also true that to devote effort to expression and marketing while focusing on technology is difficult. It is our mission to unleash the uncovered talents.

HYTEK is not an advertising agency. We are not a company that advertises existing products widely, but a label that co-creates world-class entertainment as a partner. The word "label" is derived from the label attached to the center of a record, and has come to be used to refer to a brand or a company. With the ability of "PR" and "CREATIVE", we give technology a new label that transcends language barriers and delivers its appeal to the world. We believe in the days when the world will once again be filled with the best entertainment and enthusiasm.



    After working as a performing artist all over the world, he joined an advertising agency as a creative director. After working in promotion, copywriting, and PR for global brands, he established HYTEK Inc. to use his knowledge to develop the entertainment, culture, and technology fields. While working behind the scenes he has performed on stage at America's Got Talent, NBA official games, TEDx, and other events, directing content as well as choreographing. He has won or been nominated for various awards including SXSW, AD fest, The Webby Award, ADAA, ACC, and Japan Media Arts Festival. As a creator, a performer, and an artist producer, he will pursue his goal to connect the mainstream of entertainment and the backstage, the seen and the unseen.


    During college, he majored in human systems engineering and developed a dance performance system using wearable computers. He was first assigned to the R&D department when he joined an advertisement agency in 2015. While developing marketing tools applied with statistics analysis, planning original surveys and analyzing data, he also involved himself in R&D projects on next-generation customer contacts using state-of-the-art XR technologies. He aims to create new business by fusing the “seeds of technology” from universities and start-ups with the “seeds of business” from enterprise companies. He has also been active outside the company, exhibiting at the Milano Salone for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019.


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Content Creative in the Technology and Entertainment
53,995,605 yen
S-GATE Akasaka 2F, 6-2-4, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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