• 2023.8.2

The “DIGITAL LEGAL WALL PROJECT” is a pilot project to utilize Litoplast’s digital graffiti attraction “SPRAY PAINTING” in fields other than family-oriented content, and to expand the field of expression for artists. The project is a pilot project to expand the field of expression for artists by utilizing SPRAY PAINTING, a digital graffiti attraction developed by the company, in fields other than family content. In Paris, New York, and Berlin, artists are allowed to legally paint on “legal walls,” where art and the city coexist as a matter of course, and works of art continue to be created. On the other hand, in Japan, there are many cases where it is difficult to maintain both the cityscape and artists’ activities, and it is difficult to create a place where young artists can express themselves freely and grow through mutual stimulation. To address this situation, the “DIGITAL LEGAL WALL PROJECT” was initiated to enable young artists to freely draw mural art without getting ink on the walls by utilizing the “SPRAY PAINTING” technology, which allows graffiti to be drawn in virtual space using the latest digital technology. Since projection is used, not only can the regulations and nature of the wall surface not be selected, but the painted work can also be archived. Through this project, we will broaden the field of expression for artists in Japan and explore the further possibilities of “fusion of digital technology and real space”.