• 2019.11.9

Thirty years after its collapse, the Berlin Wall is now covered in graffiti paint by artists. Normally, when the Wall is introduced on social networking sites, only a small portion of the typical paintwork is shown, but BERLIN WALL ONLINE is a project that attempts to transplant the entirety and function of this historic wall’s grandiosity directly online. For this project, the project owner personally photographed the entirety of the Berlin Wall (All area available for taking photo in 2019, except for the construction part) in the panoramic mode of his smartphone, decomposed it into approximately 1,000 images, and posted them by hand to Instagram. It is the world’s longest work of art to utilize a grid screen of any existing Instagram account in the world. Not only do you get to experience the scale of the wall, which is usually only visible in one part of the work, but each post is commented on by a tourist and tagged with the artist’s own account, which can be seen as going over or tagging the artist’s own name, which is a common practice in graffiti culture. The site has been successfully ported online for every cultural aspect and tourism function of graffiti. The site also functions as a communication platform, like a bulletin board, where the authors of the paintings are discovered by visitors. Even today, when the coronavirus makes it difficult for tourists to travel to Berlin, people from all over the world still visit the page every day to check out the sights and sounds of the city on social networks.


Takaya Mitsunaga 満永隆哉
BurningMan 2020 Online